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We resolve the most complex Business and IT challenges by applying a new paradigm of advanced theories, methods, techniques and disruptive software. We get value chains leaner than lean and more agile than agile.

Advanced Thinking

We think from another perspective to design your processes and intelligently align your IT, organisation and employees and shift expectations.


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"It is easy to make things complex, but it is difficult to make complex things easy"

Larry Lucardie - 2016

Match Technology Platform

Revolutionary 7th Generation Technology

We have disruptive technology that stands for specification = implementation. It allows for specifying complex business logic and render it available anytime, anywhere for anyone….without programming, without code generation. The Match Technology Suite delivers unprecedented functionality, transparency and adaptability.


Match Developer

Groundbreaking technology that delivers powerful modelling language...


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Match Web Player

Execute your business logic through web consultations, and interact with your users...


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Match Application Manager

Administer the execution of your business logic: enable emails to be sent...


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Match Smart Data Processor

Execute your business rules over thousands of records in minutes...


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