End to end intelligent digitization of insurance advice process


Increasing pressure on the (cost-)prices of annuity advice products, stringent laws and regulations (e.g. Wft, AFM) and a critical consumer urge for a reinvention of the advice process.
It should be designed more efficiently and flexibly, has to ensure compliancy and requires to serve customers tailor-made and where possible via self-service.



A user-friendly and web-based knowledge application to guide advisors through the complex process of inventarisation, analysis and advice on annuity advice products. Part of the inventarisation phase is executed via self-service for customers.
The application supports with asking the right questions, taking the right decisions as well as giving the right advice.

During the process customized reports are automatically generated:
1.  a customized inventarisation report filled in by the customer e-mailed directly to the customer.
2.  a customized advice report based on the processed input and the digitized scalable advice logic.



  • Optimized process flow. Process has been improved integrally leading to a goal-oriented and efficient flow. The now optimal support of the advisors combined with self service for customers of part of the intake procedure has led to a 40% increase of the total duration time of the advice process.
  • Compliant advice reports of better quality. Enriched analysis and advice phase of the process through consistent and complete specified advice logic.
  • Highly customizable and scalable advice knowledge. 




You could almost feel sorry for our fellow insurers that operate in comparison to this solution with systems from prehistoric times!

Michiel Heijstek - Change Manager and Project Manager - Achmea

Due to the annuity advice knowledge application it is no longer necessary to give fail to customer dossiers. 
The visual presentation of the advice reports has improved from a 2 to a 9.

Joost Metselaar - Compliance Officer - Achmea