Business improvements

Complexity matters

Digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, robotic process automation, big data are just a few labels for business improvement. Knowledge Values goes beyond volatile fashion. We engineer complexity with Advanced Thinking models and 7th Generation Technology. Through these we capitalize on enterprise content and realize straight through value chains.

Rational process engineering

We tightly align your processes to goals which results in eliminating all exceptions and superfluous steps. We implement our comprehensive improvement approach to remove divisions between automated and manual business processes. You can be in control with all your business logic being transparant and coherent, and instantly available to all parts of your business. Adapt your process easily through integrity control and single point of maintenance principles.

Process specification = application. No (hard) coding or code generation is necessary, just run the application that facilitates your process precisely according the specification. Enjoy a more flexible IT architecture than ever before when your business logic is deployed through the intelligent web services.

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Intelligent regulation management

Knowledge Values delivers compliant, traceable and flexible regulation management. Thanks to our design principles,  we help you to erase faults and provide completeness and consistency in rule and regulation design. Our specification = application approach guarantees extremely fast digitisation of rules and regulation in processes and applications. We service change = run through our interactive specifications. Updates on rules and regulations can now be operational in minutes.

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Smart data processing

Knowledge Values helps you to clean, enrich, merge, segment, validate and transform large batches of data to suit your goals, by logically specifying the validation and transformation business logic. Unlimited opportunities for scalability and growth, as well as low operational costs and a low error-rates, combined with all the advantages of our rational process engineering.

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7th generation application development

Knowledge Values develops applications differently by creating high quality human-understandable specifications and have the application ready in an instant exactly as specified. No unneeded steps, no generation of code that needs to be integrated and maintained manually and repeatedly. Instead we have an advanced AI reasoning engine that also understands specifications.

The application smoothly changes with the specification that follows business dynamics. Application development as it should be….and will be.

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