Match™ Data Processor

Automatic execution of your enterprise logic in large quantities

The Match Data Processor is designed to swiftly process millions of data records simultaneously in batch mode. The more complex the enterprise logic, the more added value the data processor delivers as it only requires the specification of business logic and no programming.


The Match™ Data Processor transforms all input data according to your goals. Use it to clean up data, to enhance data quality or to convert data to a broad range of types and formats. Match™ Data Processor is very flexible without hardcoding and every step of the process can be customised to your specifications.


Controlled complexity

The Match™ Data Processor uses the enterprise logic that is modelled in Match™ Specification Developer. Therefore the transformation logic is complete, consistent and correct, easy to maintain and ready to deploy immediately. It enables you to execute simple and complex data transformations, for single use or to facilitate recurring business processes.

Bulk processing

The Match™ Data Processor is designed to process millions of records within minutes. Just grant access to your data, in a file or in a database, and the bulk processing transforms your data automatically in no time.


When facing strict laws and regulations, the Match™ Data Processor can serve as an internal auditing tool. Using Match™ Specification Developer, to flexibly and transparently specify the requirements, you are able to proactively check your (transaction) data for irregularities and errors and avoid compliance issues.