Control Complexity

Innovating scientific insights from Artificial Intelligence, Data Base Technology and Physics led Knowledge Values to develop a functional paradigm. It is based on scientific theories of knowledge, artificial intelligence, and data modelling, and offers a new perspective on the knowledge required to run a business. The paradigm helps to control complexity through a full-fledged rationalization of enterprise logic. Together with its matching 7th generation technology, the paradigm yields unseen agility, leanness and future-proof value for the digital economy. The method equips enterprises to fundamentally structure their business towards their business goals.

Paradigmatic principles



Functionally classified enterprise logic to achieve business goals



7th Generation language easily understandable for humans and applications



Immediately usable enterprise logic for humans and applications



Mathematically controllable and single-point maintainable enterprise logic

What we do

We enable organisations to offer customised services, have streamlined processes, create facilitating ICT architectures and be adaptive in dynamic markets. Advanced engineering of intellectual capital, the most valuable and complex asset of an organization, leads to unseen performance. Process descriptions are functional, sound and complete. Human knowledge is robotized and scalable. The 7th generation Match™ Technology renders application development lightning fast and significantly better. Everything with unprecedented flexibility.



Our consultancy services are very beneficial especially in complex business environments.


The 7th generation Match™ Technology Suite is world-class and stands for advanced specification = advanced implementation.


Our academy educates employees to be best-in-class engineers for business improvements and next-generation ICT.

You could almost feel sorry for our fellow insurers that operate in comparison to this solution with systems from prehistoric times!
Michiel Heijstek – Change Manager and Project Manager – Achmea
WIS*kit allows us to reduce errors and generates data for uniform accountability. In the web application we have all the laws, rules and knowledge set out to achieve the proper allocation. It helps our rental agents to make a calculation and make a proper allocation decision. We thus apply the law precisely.
Marlies van den Berg – Manager Rental Process – Eigen Haard
Not only are we now listening to employees who know a lot, but they can also see that their knowledge is reflected in usable tools. These people maintain their status as experts, and the SOP just confirms it.
Anita van der Molen – Office Director – ABN AMRO

Our clients