We assist your company to apply our apex business improvement paradigm Advanced Knowledge Services™.

The fascinating thinking models and aligned technology of the paradigm lead to unseen Return on Investments in the areas of value chains and processes, application development and IT architecture.

Our consultants are always driven, flexible and work in facilitative manner. We keep you and us focused on your factual goals towards business excellence.

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Advanced Technology

Specify, Run, Distribute and Transform your knowledge


Match™ Specification Developer

Match™ Specification Developer is the tool to develop perfect specifications of business logic according to the Advanced Knowledge Services™ business improvement approach. It allows the clear goal-oriented structuring of business within a single point of truth. The resulting specification not only provides control over the complexity, but can be immediately deployed as a full-fledged production application for employees, clients or other applications.

Types of business logic that are typically represented in a knowledge model are:

  • Value chain designs
  • Processes and workflow descriptions
  • Work instructions and scripts
  • Policy and regulations
  • Calculations
  • Product models
  • Requirements and business rules
  • Software specifications

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Match™ Web Player

The Match™ Web Player makes the ‘specification = application’ principle a reality. Business logic modelled using Match™ Specification Developer can be immediately used as full-fledged production applications using Match™ Web Player. This is achieved using state of the art Artificial Intelligence techniques to make business logic usable by both man and machine. The result is more agile than agile application development and low cost maintenance.

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Match™ Application Manager

Administer the execution of your business logic: enable emails to be sent, configure document templates or configure the actions available during the consultation of the business logic. Manage the users and the accessibility of the business process or download the statistics of usage of your main processes.

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Match™ Data Processor

Apply your business logic to voluminous amounts of data easier than ever before. Transaction data can be analyzed fast and accurate and be customised for communication to different customers.

The Match™ Data Processor allows to run your business logic over XML or CSV files, generating multiple and different outputs such as PDF or XML documents.

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Knowledge Values Academy

Our training programs are based on scientific research with proven results. The training program will help managers and operational employees adopt advanced thinking skills. Therefore we focus on key competences like learning how to analyse problems differently and devising creative solutions aligned with enterprise goals. Part of the training programme is also training in how to apply Advanced Technology. So how to develop, deploy, use and maintain your most valuable enterprise content with Match™ Technology Suite. The training program is clustered in a management, business and IT track.

Management Training

A new perspective and technology to improve strategies and tactics to digitise (e-business) processes, arrange self-service, achieve robotics, automate document generation and make IT flexible.

Business Training

Control complexity by modelling valuable enterprise logic (rules and data) in goal-oriented understandable models using advanced instruments and following new principles and techniques.

IT Training

Simplify the IT landscape and create an extremely agile architecture using disruptive 7th generation Match™ Technology knowledge models, applications and web services.

Semantic Data Modeling Course

Manage complexity by understanding reality and reflecting it through the semantics of data. Learn core data concepts and skills to design a data universe and to align it with your business goals.