About us

Knowledge Values is a different kind of company. We think different. We work different.

We strive to enable companies to attain peak performance. Companies that offer perfect customised services, enjoy profitability and have the ability to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions. Companies that acknowledge knowledge as the critical success factor for high performance.

Knowledge Values is a forward-thinking firm. The value proposition is based on advanced scientific principles from Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Database Technology. The paradigm that we developed and bring to the market, takes a fundamentally different perspective on business improvement. We think different. We work different. We realize business improvement par excellence.

Enterprise logic… is key to your performance in value chains and to channel consistency. Production and use of enterprise logic are random walks. Too much documentation, too much complexity, missing cases and inconsistencies and think yourself content. These inefficiencies are non-affordable in the current economy and lead to a disproportional need of human resources and hinders the transformation to a forward-thinking E-Business company.
Based on… in-depth research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Databases, Physics and Science Theory Knowledge Values developed advanced paradigmatic principles and models to structure your enterprise logic whatever its complexity.
The principles… help to rationally arrange abstraction mechanism as aggregations, generalisations, specialisations to manage even your most complex enterprise logic. They support the design of healthy value chains with simple information transfers and solid data models to preserve the so much needed data integrity and get rid of unneeded complexity. We engineer data and knowledge.
We make… logic usable for humans and applications. We render logic interactively available and let applications use complex logic without programming releasing legacy systems from the flexibility burden.
We simply… make the difference with a different thinking model:
  • Unprecedented efficiency lifecycle content
  • Maximal transparency
  • Single point of controlled maintenance
  • High re-usability
  • Significant adaptability
  • Interactive use