Intelligent compliance process

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Business challenge

Optimize the workflow of handling customer dossiers and customer research.
The aim is to relieve through workflow in the areas of:

  • management, monitoring and insight into progress of dossiers including signalling
  • optimal workload management of staff
  • good basis for management information


Knowledge-based modelling of the dossier and customer research processes made it possible to create an interactive, practical and user-friendly workflow.  Applying the AKS™ structuring principles ensured instructions with the shortest route to the objective and pro active signalling. Match™ technology then instantly turned these instructions into a dynamically working end-to-end workflow.


  • Compliant, zero waste and goal oriented processes through applying AKS™ structuring principles
  • Single point of truth and easy maintenance of processes
  • Fast implementation of change: workflow specification = workflow application without programming
  • Audit proof: in control of customer dossiers, customer surveys and management information