Getting in control over complex banking tariffing landscape

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Business challenge

Business logic to tariff events is tied to individual knowledge of experts, fragmented over numerous documents and forced into standard applications that require a frequent and significant repair.
Technical workarounds have increased complexity, decreased flexibility and led to application releases with tariffing errors. Also the introduction of new tariffing structures was difficult to realise.


Tariffing logic of experts is functionally and transparently integrated with document logic and fed into digital knowledge bases. Because of the transparency and adaptability, application releases can now be done easily by the staff of the banking house.
Data can be processed and exchanged in the tariffing process.
New tariffing scenarios can be modelled in the knowledge bases and simulated and validated via the Smart Data Processor.


  • High level of control and maintainability
  • Clear communication between banking house employees and vendor
  • Unlimited scalability and growth
  • Shorter time to market of tariffing changes
  • Low number of errors
  • Low operational costs
  • One time right tariffing processing preventing revenue loss