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Business challenge

Writing good work instructions (also known as Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs) is wildly complicated.
In this banking house people were developing their own SOPs in various parts of the organization and in a sense were reinventing the wheel over and over again. Because of the complex processes featuring a lot of if-then situations the written SOPs were not easy to understand, difficult to implement and not easy to set up. Another issue was that different versions of the same SOP were used in the various departments.


Knowledge-based modelling of the complex processes made it possible to create interactive and practical, user-friendly work instructions.  Applying the AKS™ structuring principles ensured instructions with the shortest route to the objective. Match™ technology then instantly turned these instructions into working apps. To create a single point of truth for SOPs an App Store for SOPs ‘SOP Store’ was created in which users could easily find, use, rate and improve SOPs.


  • On average 40% reduction of process handling time
  • On average 10% increase of First Time Fix
  • Control over complex processes through dynamic standardization
  • Single point of truth and easy maintenance of SOPs
  • Continuous feedback and co-creation of SOPs through employees
  • Fast implementation of change: specification = application

Not only are we now listening to employees who know a lot, but they can also see that their knowledge is reflected in usable tools. These people maintain their status as experts, and the SOP just confirms it.

Anita van der Molen – Office Director at ABN AMRO


The waste is being picked out. Processes held in the SOP Store are found much more quickly than when people use the knowledge bank. Using the interactive instruction saves us on average 10 tot 15 minutes each time. It’s also very beneficial to the induction of new staff members.

Timothy Bergsma – Deputy Director at ABN AMRO