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Eigen Haard and Knowledge Values introduce new WIS*kit release 2.3

In 2016 the first version of WIS*kit, a web application that simplifies the allocation process and carries out complex income calculations, has been released.
We are proud to present release 2.3 now.

The current release has been extensively tested by Eigen Haard and fellow corporations Stadgenoot and Rochdale.
The application is collectively developed based on input of various housing corporations. That way, housing corporations will follow a more uniform method, which creates clarity for the customer.

The following functionalities have been introduced in WIS*kit release 2.3:

  • The possibility to work with an annual report has been added. Advice is to only use an annual report of the previous year. This is also mentioned under the “i” icon in the WIS*kit application itself.
    Calculation for Box 3 has been adjusted for 2017.
  • You can now see with which contract partner or other co-resident you are working on. This makes usage easier.
  • In case of (a deviation from) a rejection, names of children and date of birth will be asked for.
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs are now being asked for the net annual profit and what the deduction items (self-deduction, start-up deduction, VAT exemption) are in order to reach the taxable income of the entrepreneur.
  • Added is the ability to use data of the benefit participation act (formerly the assistance).

Read more about WIS*kit on the website www.inkomenstoets.nl