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Match™ Developer 3: almost ready for launch

Match™ Developer 3 (MD3) is Knowledge Values’ newest flagship technology. It is a premier AI & Data technology instrument to design 7th generation models. MD3 delivers a highly expressive language that is understandable for humans and computers. The latter is achieved by an AI reasoning machine. 

The powerful language, based on artificial intelligence and data science research, supports the creation of correct, complete, consistent, adaptable and transparent models. These knowledge models are directly executable as an application, significantly decreasing the time and energy for developing and testing. Knowledge and data becomes easy to access, maintain and expand. 

MD3 is designed to accommodate various types of users, ranging from business users to technical users. The knowledge base is able to facilitate business requirements, software specifications, business rules, data models, process models, work instructions, business application logic, and much more.

MD3 includes the following core features:

  • A completely overhaul of the user interface featuring a navigator, working area, properties editor and integrity checker.
  • The ability to work seamlessly with multiple knowledge bases at the same time.
  • A redesigned table tree for advanced overviews.
  • An automatic integrity checker to keep you on track.
  • Improved rule-based search, enhancing your efficiency.