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The perfect tool for perfect specification.

The Match™ Specification Developer enables the understandable, complete and consistent description of business logic. It allows you to manage and reduce the complexity of, among others, value chains, processes, and calculations. Employing a goal-based approach and the embedded Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) principle, it is an ISO compliant tool, that provides specifications that are written in the language of the business. Furthermore the structuring of the business logic at different levels of detail, make them easily understandable.

Single point of truth

The Match™ Specification Developer allows for the specifying of processes, work instructions, regulations, requirements, calculations and more in a single all-encompassing model. The resulting knowlege model functions as a single point of truth and maintenance. Consequentily, the model is highly adaptable and requires low maintenance costs.

Understandable business logic

The Match™ Specification Developer enables the transparent structuring of business logic, using knowledge tables and natural language. The tree view functionality offers a clear visualisation of the process and the hierarchy of goals. It is possible to expand and shrink branches to show or hide subtables. This makes it possible to view the specifications both from a high-level perspective, and in the smallest details.

Zero defects

The Integrity Checker is based on the MECE principle – mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. This functionality, based upon Artificial Intelligence principles, validates the completeness, correctness and consistency of specifications.

Unifying business logic and data

The Match™ Specification Developer supports both knowledge tables and frames. Knowledge tables are an extension of decision trees, while frames are used to design high quality, semantic data models. In a single knowledge model, it is possible to unify, integrate and connect the specifications for business logic and data.

Immediate validation

The internal player allows you to directly apply your knowledge model by simulating single or multiple cases simultaneously. It enables direct confirmation on whether the specifications lead to the expected application behaviour. An elaborate report function provides the possibility to track the path through the model to easily identify any errors.