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Specification = Application

Business logic specifications created using Match™ Specification Developer can be run directly as full-fledged production applications using the Match™ Web Player. These applications are precisely tailored to the needs of employees and clients, and can also be used by other applications. Complete processes can now be digitised and intelligently supported, including document generation, sending emails, and connecting to other systems and databases.

The inference machine in Match™ Web Player, based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology, reasons with the knowledge specified using Match™ Specification Developer to make business logic usable by both man and machine.

Minimal application development time

The business analysis, requirement gathering, development and testing steps are reduced to a single integrated specification and validation step, allowing you to deliver a full-fledged application for knowledge-intensive tasks in a matter of weeks.

More agile than agile

Match™ knowledge applications can be easily adapted due to the understandable and easy to change specifications. Consequently, changes in policy, regulation or process can be accommodated at low cost. Deploying the new application is a matter of uploading the newly updated specification. The flexibility is unprecedented: Run = Change.

Effortless maintenance

Specifying business logic through Match™ Specification Developer, what ever the complexity, is largely first time right. Necessary changes and new insights can be accommodated quickly by improving the specification and immediate deployment.

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Perfect user experience

The knowledge applications in the Match™ Web Player are tailored to the end-users, the look-and-feel of the interface can be easily adapted, and specific user interface requirements can be accommodated.

Amazingly versatile

Match™ Web Player can enrich knowledge applications with many functionalities:

  • Complete case reconstruction to assure process traceability during audits by regulatory agencies
  • Dynamic document generation (Word, PDF, XML, CSV, plain text)
  • Automated sending of customized emails
  • Saving and retrieving data from databases
  • Communication with other applications via web services or files
  • User feedback collection