Knowledge Values Academy

Our training programs are based on scientific research with proven results. The training program will help managers and operational employees adopt advanced thinking skills. Therefore we focus on key competences like learning how to analyse problems differently and devising creative solutions aligned with enterprise goals.

Part of the training programme is also training in how to apply Advanced Technology. So how to develop, deploy, use and maintain your most valuable enterprise content with Match™ Technology Suite.

The training program is clustered in a management, business and IT track.

Management Training

A new perspective and technology to improve strategies and tactics to digitise (e-business) processes, arrange self-service, achieve robotics, automate document generation and make IT flexible.

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Business Training

Control complexity by modelling valuable enterprise logic (rules and data) in goal-oriented understandable models using advanced instruments and following new principles and techniques.

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IT Training

Simplify the IT landscape and create an extremely agile architecture using disruptive 7th generation Match™ Technology knowledge models, applications and web services.

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