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Knowledge Values introduces Match™ Smart Data Processor

Processing million of records in minutes

Previously it was already possible to correctly and consistently specify business logic using the Match™ Specification Developer, allowing for flexibility, transparency, zero defects and a incredibly short time-to-market in your knowledge models. With the Match™ Data Processor it is now possible to enjoy the same benefits, while automatically deploying the model to analyse and transform millions of records in minutes. 

In 2016, when authorities changed the regulations on reporting for life insurance companies (renseigneren), amazing results were achieved with a project at Achmea. Read more about renseigneren.

Knowledge Values can help control MiFID II complexity

In early 2018, a revision of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and new Regulation on Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFIR) will be implemented by the European Union (EU). While these directives and regulations are aimed at making the European financial market more efficient, resilient and transparent, they bring a great deal of change and extra work for financial companies in the EU. Among others, more reporting requirements are introduced, assessments will need to be conducted, and trading obligations will be imposed. 

Applying our Advanced Knowledge Services™ methodology, Knowledge Values can help your company to introduce intelligent regulations management solutions in reply to these new regulations. Using the Match™ Specification Developer helps your organization structure processes transparently and with zero defects. And with our newly developed Match™ Data Processor you can automatically process millions of transactions in a matter of minutes. Additionally it can simultaneously produce output that complies to the MiFID II reporting requirements or other regulations.